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  • What Is Mindful Eating?
    What Is Mindful Eating?
    Marian Weyo / Shutterstock

    What It Is

    Followers of mindful eating strive to recognize feelings of hunger and desires, listening to what their bodies want to eat while keeping in mind basic nutrition tenets like protein intake.

    The Pros

    There’s no calorie counting, no banned foods, and a lot less obsessing. “Counting calories, macros, or points is not only exhausting but can be tedious. Listening to your body is more realistic,” says Lisa R. Young, Ph.D., R.D.N.

    Even though it sounds counterintuitive, you’ll probably experience less cravings and less binging. “When you start listening to your internal cues, you won’t just eat everything in sight, because you’re paying attention to what your body craves—and it’s probably not actually a box of cookies,” Young says. You do have to make sure you’re eating protein with every meal to maintain muscle.


    The Cons

    Intuitive eating takes time to learn—and that learning curve may involve some initial weight gain. And the diet works only if you really take the time to listen to what your body needs—if you don’t have the patience to learn to recognize your internal signals, the plan’s not going to be successful, Young says.

    Mindful eating may not be a good idea for bodybuilders or competitive endurance athletes in-season, when they need to be hitting specific macro goals to build bulk, shed fat, or fuel miles, she adds.

    Best For

    Guys who are exhausted by the rigidity of counting macros and following a plan to the T—the man who has failed with traditional diets and is ready to let go of the reins, regain his sanity, and be at peace with where his body is going to go based on what his hunger cues and healthy cravings are telling him.


  • The Coachella of Fitness? All About Strong New York
    New York’s biggest charity fitness festival, Strong New York, and sat down with the guy behind it all.

    New York’s biggest charity fitness festival, Strong New York, is officially back, and will feature a blend of industry leaders holding group fitness classes, keynote speeches, workshops, and more.

    Event curator Kenny Santucci discusses why he chose speakers like Stefi Cohen, Christmas Abbott, Don Saladino, plus what attendees can expect from this year’s event. A portion of the proceeds from the December 15 event will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Association.


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  • Study Finds Eating More Protein Doesn't Benefit Everyone
    Sliced steak Ribeye with grilled onions
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    With keto and paleo diets grabbing headlines and pushing more protein onto plates across the country, it’s easy to think that an extra helping of meat (or other protein-rich foods) is good for you. But current guidelines suggest you only need .8 grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight daily. So what’s the right move? Nutrition scientists at Purdue University have an answer. In a new study published in Advances in Nutrition, they conclude that eating more than the recommended amount of protein only benefits people who are actively trying to lose weight or build muscle. Everyone else should stick with the .8-gram guideline.

    “Most adults who are consuming adequate amounts of protein may only benefit from moderately higher protein intake when they are purposefully trying to change their body composition,” study co-author Wayne Campbell said in a Purdue news post.

    The researchers set out to determine if adults would benefit from eating more protein than the daily guidelines suggest. It’s an important point to investigate because most adults already eat more protein than is recommended, study co-author Joshua L. Hudson said. To find an answer, the researchers combed through more than 1,500 published journal articles and picked out 18 studies, which assessed a combined total of 981 participants for the meta-analysis.

    Then they zeroed in how protein intakes above the recommended daily amount (RDA) affected the participants’ body mass, and how that compared with participants who consumed protein in line with the RDA. It’s the first meta-analysis comparing above-RDA protein consumption with RDA protein intake, according to the published article. Interestingly, the researchers found that eating more protein had no effect on the body composition of adults who weren’t dieting or exercising to build muscle mass.

    They did, however, find that eating more protein helped adults who were dieting to lose weight or working out to build muscle—the added protein helped them build lean mass. Based on that data, the researchers came up with some advice for people who are dieting: Don’t just eat less.

    “Instead, work to maintain, or even moderately increase, protein-rich foods,” said Campbell. “Then, cut back on the carbs and saturated fat-containing foods.”

    Likewise, if you’re working out in order to bulk up, eating more protein than the RDA will help you build lean muscle mass. But if you’re not trying to change your body too much, then it’s a good idea to stick with the RDA, because eating more protein won’t offer any benefits.

    “There is so much encouragement, advertising and marketing for everyone to eat higher protein diets,” said Hudson. “This research supports that, yes, under certain conditions, including strength training and weight loss, moderately more protein may be helpful, but that doesn’t mean more is needed for everybody at all times.”

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  • Tito Ortiz Looks to Continue Comeback Success Against Alberto ‘El Patron’
    Courtesy of Combate Americas

    Like a scene out of an old western movie, Tito Ortiz and Alberto “El Patron” Rodriguez will square off to prove who has the fastest hands at the Texas-Mexico border when the cage doors close this Saturday night at Combate Americas 51. This weekend’s battle—the organization’s first time being aired on pay-per-view—is neither fighter’s first rodeo, but both men look to leave one last mark on mixed martial arts before riding off into the sunset.

    Ortiz, 44, has been blazing his own comeback trail in recent years and may not be so quick to call it quits, win or lose. “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" returned in style last year with Golden Boy Promotions, knocking out fellow former UFC champ Chuck Liddell in the rubber match of their trilogy. But rather than leaving on a winning note, Ortiz stuck around, feeling he still has more to offer the sport. 

    “I slept Chuck in the first round and I had an 18-week camp that went really, really well,” Ortiz says. “After the fight was over, I felt like I still had more to give.”

    Another motivational boost? Ortiz’s pal Randy Couture, who at age 43 returned from retirement to win the UFC heavyweight title in 2007. Ortiz gave the UFC legend a call to discuss his decision back in the day.

    “He was like, ‘Dude, I just felt like I wasn’t done, I had a lot more in the tank.’ That’s all I needed to hear,” says Ortiz. “I was like, alright, cool, this is something I want to do. I sat my family down and told my boys, ‘Guys, dad wants to fight,’ and they had a big smile on their faces and were like, ‘Dad, you can do it!’ So I’ve been at it since.”

    Ortiz admits he isn’t focused on going on another championship run like Couture, although he calls a potential Combate Americas matchup with former UFC champ Cain Velasquez “interesting.” But for at least this weekend, he’s just wants to entertain fans whenever he enters the cage.



    “Right now, it’s strictly about the entertainment value of it,” says Ortiz. “People want to see fun fights and be entertained. I think this fight will do this.”

    For “El Patron,” the former WWE star returns to MMA, with some obvious rust after nearly a decade removed. During his days with famed organizations like Japan’s Pride back during MMA’s wild west era, Rodriguez sported a 9-5 record, and his most notable fight ended in a first-round knockout defeat against MMA legend Mirko Cro Cop. 

    Although he has many reasons for stepping into the cage, the main inspiration behind this comeback was to lend a hand (or fist) in helping grow the organization, having worked with Combate Americas for the past six years. Admiring the fighters the organization is developing, “El Patron” wants to use his stardom as a way to get more eyeballs on these talented up-and-comers.

    “I decided to do one last fight and give the company its first pay-per-view in history, give an opportunity to these amazing kids, these amazing fighters to be in a pay-per-view card,” “El Patron says. “Of course, if I was going to do it, I had to do it the right way. The right way was fighting someone like Tito, someone that would bring something to the company.”

    Ortiz shares a similar sentiment, hoping to use his clout as a renowned former UFC champion in order to give a platform to the next generation of stars fighting on the card.

    “I want to give that opportunity for a lot of younger guys that come up to have that same opportunity to be on a big stage,” says Ortiz. “Making that stage big, using my name to do it.” 

    Of course, “El Patron” had other reasons for taking up this marquee matchup.

    “You know, I’d be lying if I don’t say this, but the money is also good,” “El Patron” jokes. “They did a good offer for me.”

    At the end of the day, both fighters also want to cement their legacies, serving as inspirations for their friends, fans and family.

    “I want to show my boys what hard work and dedication are about,” says Ortiz.  “My true legacy is my kids.”

    “I’m going to be able to leave a legacy for future generations,” Rodriguez says. “Especially for me, a Mexican, a Latino, to be a living example to all those Latinos and Mexicans dreaming of a fantastic life, me at least putting a little bit of me to show them that when you dream it and you work hard for it, dreams do come true. I’m the living proof.”


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  • Could the Keto Diet Help You Fight Off the Flu?
    Could the Keto Diet Help You Fight Off the Flu?

    The keto diet has been linked to weight loss, improved cognitive function, and a slew of other benefits. Now, you can add one more to the list—it could help you battle the flu.

    A Yale University study published in Science Immunology found the high-fat, low-carb eating strategy activates a subset of cells in the lungs that enhance mucus production that can trap the influenza virus. The mucus keeps the virus from affecting the lungs, according to the study.

    Don’t ditch carbs just yet, though. The study was done on mice and a statement from Yale University did not indicate that there’s any plans to replicate the experiment on humans.

    Still, the findings did provide scientists with a better understanding of how the body fights the flu. Specifically, they found the body’s gamma delta T cells, which have distinctive receptors used to help assist the immune system, are essential in keeping both mice and humans healthy.

    Mice who were bred without gamma delta T cells did not see any benefits from the keto diet, according to the study. Mice with the cells had a higher survival rate when exposed to the flu than those fed a high-carb diet.

    “This was a totally unexpected finding,” said the study’s co-senior author Akiko Iwasaki, the Waldemar Von Zedtwitz Professor of Immunobiology and Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, and an investigator of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.


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  • 8 Ways To Eat Mindfully During The Holidays
  • 6 Holiday Health Tips From Fitness Experts
  • Carb-loading With Gummy Bears?
    Dr. Ben House is breaking down conventional beliefs on nutrition and testosterone deficiency.

    Nutritionist and strength and conditioning coach Benjamin House explains how you can at times incorporate certain “taboo” foods like chips and candy alongside a consistent and balanced diet. 



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  • The Full-Body Strength Training and HIIT Circuit
    Per Bernal / M+F Magazine

    If you want to get all-around fit and healthy, you have to kick crash diets and overtraining to the curb. I want you to be strong enough for everything in life, whether it’s hopping on a wakeboard or riding a quad. So when putting this total-body HIIT routine together, I really wanted to go back to basics.

    It's a common misconception that you need to spend hours in the gym each day to see results. In reality, you can spend less than an hour each day working out so long as you stay consistent with your fitness regimen as a whole, and the following workout is a great routine to work into the rotation. For each block (exercises marked A and B), complete 10 reps for each move back-to-back, rest 30 seconds, and repeat 2 more times before moving on to the next block. 

    Joel Freeman is a Beachbody Super Trainer and creator of LIIFT4, an eight-week weights-and-HIIT program. Check it out on beachbodyondemand.com.


  • Dolph Lundgren Says a Plant-Based Diet Has Improved His Sex Life
    Dolph Lundgren Said Going Vegan Has Improved His Sex Life
    Belen Diaz/DYDPPA/Shutterstock

    The Game Changers documentary has convinced yet another muscular star to go vegan—this time, it’s Rocky IV actor Dolph Lundgren. The Swedish superstar told Piers Morgan he’s been eating a plant-based diet for about a month.

    He said he made the switch after watching the Arnold Schwarzenegger-produced documentary on Netflix. “I checked it out and then I figured I would try it out,” Lundgren told Morgan, according to reports

    Apparently, the biggest benefit of giving up animal products has been an improved sex life, Lundgren said. “It was already quite good but it went up about 50%,” he said. 

    In Game Changers, Schwarzenegger and other athletes discuss how a plant-based diet could improve performance, recovery, and more. Indeed one of the aspects touched on by the scientists featured in the movie is sex—one informal experiment claims that eating a vegan diet could give men harder, and longer-lasting erections. 

    Lundgren isn’t the only one who’s made the switch since the movie hit the streaming service. Kai Greene quickly pounced on the bandwagon, and even produced an e-book on the topic. Even Hafthor “The Mountain” Bjornsson said he’d be willing to try plant-based eating, but has yet to do so. 

    As with anything on the internet, though, there are also plenty of people hating on the claims made by the documentary. Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, a prior guest on the Muscle & Fitness podcast Reps, in a lengthy Instagram post said “There is so much wrong” with the movie “I cannot cover it all.” 

    “The integrity of the material you are told is none,” she writes in the post. “What is true are the emotional tactics used.”

    Whether you agree with Game Changers or not, it’s undeniable that its made quite an impact on the athletic and bodybuilding communities. It’s only a matter of time until someone else makes the switch.

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  • The Weekend Warrior Workout for Busy Lifters
    The 135-Rep Workout to Test Your Mettle
    Ian Spanier

    Sometimes, we just don’t have enough time in the week to get to the gym. As a coach, I work with a lot of mid-aged family men and women, who often spend their business weeks working and spending time with their families. It’s a recipe to throw off any training consistency, regardless of the absolute best intentions. As a result, these lifters end up having to turn into weekend warriors in the gym, using Friday afternoon until Sunday night to cram in their training volume for the week.

    Of course, this is less than desirable, but I suppose it’s the lesser of two evils when compared to the option of not training at all. Luckily, I’m ready to help. If you’re confined to Friday to Sunday workout days, then here are some ground rules to think about.

    Rule #1: Focus on Movements, Not Muscles

    It makes the most sense not to isolate, regardless of what your goals are. Given that you’re only training a maximum of three days out of the week, it’s reasonable to confirm that you won’t get the greatest results if you’re after size, due to the fact that it’s just too infrequent. Making sure you’re moving properly is the name of the game here if you want any shreds of strength you have left, to be maintained. I like arranging my clients’ workouts in the patterns of vertical and horizontal pushing and pulling. This will encourage the body to use big movement patterns like the deadlift, standing press, bench press, squat, lunge, pullup, and row. They belong in your workout as the “core” movements, around which other assistance exercise can and should take second place. These choices will give you the most bang for your buck. Be sure to arrange them in the planes of motion that they fit into.

    Rule #2: Squat on Two of the Three Days

    On two out of the three days (ideally Friday and Sunday), you need to perform a squat pattern. It’s going to be important to help you deal with an axially loaded barbell, which can induce plenty of hormonal release to aid muscle development. I’d recommend squatting for more volume on one of the days, and squatting for more max strength on another. The biggest mistake you can make as a weekend warrior is to neglect adequately training the lower body.

    Rule #3: Make Sunday the Most Metabolically Challenging

    If you’re not about to train for 5 days following your last workout, it’s a good idea to go out with a bang. It can be by means of switching the workout system to more of a conditioning-based circuit style method, or it can be as simple as moderating the rest intervals, workloads and exercise pairings in order to tap into an increased metabolic demand. The good thing about training in this fashion is, you can potentiate fat loss for up to 38 hours following the workout, according to recent research. May as well cut into the days you’re inactive by leaving things off in a really good place. Wouldn’t you agree?

    Weekend Warrior Routine

    Without further delay, here it is. Assuming you’re in the gym from Friday to Sunday, follow this program to get the most out of your time spent.

    Day 1 (Friday) – Vertical Push/Pull, Hip-Dominant

    • A) Barbell Box Squat – 5x5
      • Perform ramping sets of 3 reps each, until you reach your working load for your first set of 5. Rest up to 3 minutes between sets.
    • B) Pullups – 5x10
      • If your 10 rep max involves weight, then perform weighted pullups instead. Rest 2 minutes between sets.
    • C) Romanian Deadlift – 4x8-10
      • Be sure to touch the bar to the floor, using full ROM. Remember to keep a flat back. Rest 2 minutes between sets.
    • D) Seated DB Shoulder Press (Neutral grip) – 4x8-10
      • Use a slow negative (eccentric) phase on each rep, and pause on the shoulders for a 1 second count. Rest 2 minutes between sets.
    • E) Hanging Leg Raises – 4x10
      • Rest as long as needed between sets

    Day 2 (Saturday) – Horizontal Push/Pull

    • A1) Seated Rows – 15 reps
    • A2) Barbell Bench Press – 10 reps
    • Perform 4 rounds. Rest 2 minutes between rounds.
    • B1) Walking Lunge – 20 steps
    • B2) Glute Hamstring Raise – 8 reps

    Perform 4 rounds. Rest 2 minutes between rounds.

    • C1) Under-the-Bar Rows – Max Reps
    • C2) Pushups – Max Reps

    Perform 4 rounds. Rest as long as needed between rounds.

    Day 3 (Sunday) – Vertical Push/Pull, Knee-Dominant

    • A) Front Squat – 8x8. Rest a MAXIMUM of 1 minute between sets.
      • This will involve significantly lighter weight than you normally front squat for 8 reps. I suggest to use 60% of your current 8RM.
    • B1) Chin Ups (palms in) – 10 reps
    • B2) Barbell Push Press – 10 reps

    Rest 90 seconds between rounds. Perform 4 rounds.

    • C) Rear Leg Elevated Split Squat – 4x10/leg. Rest 90 seconds between rounds.
    • D) Half-Kneeling Press – 3x15/arm.
      • Using a single dumbbell, take a knee, and perform a strict shoulder press with the same side arm as the down knee.
    • E) Post Workout burnout – 2 minute leg press.
      • Load a leg press with 2 plates on either side, and perform as many reps as possible without racking the weight, for 2 minutes. Set your timer and get ready to burn!

    Who Said Weekends are for Relaxing?

    It’s simple. If you’re in a pinch, you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do. In the case of the busy workhorse, that means you’ll have to make do with a killer weekend program to keep your strength and size up to snuff. If you’re a frequent trainee with a few bad work weeks ahead, this one’s for you. If you’re someone who regularly tries to kill it on the weekend, then here’s a bit of structure to aid your quest for muscle.

    Of course, I still encourage you to get back on track with your mid-week workouts as soon as possible. We all know that’s the gold standard.

  • Watch: Action-Packed ‘Black Widow’ Trailer
    Watch: Action-Packed ‘Black Widow’ Trailer
    Black Widow / Marvel Studios / Disney

    The Black Widow is back. Scarlett Johansson is taking center stage in the latest film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Black Widow, as her character Natasha Romanov gets her own solo film. The first teaser trailer has arrived, giving fans the first look at the new spy adventure directed by Cate Shortland.

    While Johansson’s Natasha may have had a tough end in Avengers: Endgame, this film is giving her new life by taking place before the events of that film. While it’s likely there will be some connections to the future of the MCU, Black Widow is going to show a chapter of Natasha’s life that fans haven’t seen before—including potentially that mission in Budapest she had with Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye (finally!), which has been referenced in the MCU multiple times.

    Taking place after the events of Captain America: Civil War—and with flashbacks to her time training to be a Black Widow—the film follows Natasha as she confronts her mysterious past and faces a new threat in the form of Taskmaster, a mercenary who is a master assassin and can take on the skills of his enemies.

    The trailer is action packed and should give Marvel fans a new look at a character they’ve followed for over a decade:



    Johansson stars alongside Florence Pugh, who is playing another Black Widow named Yelena Belova, as well as David Harbour, who is playing Red Guardian, a Russian super-soldier with similar characteristics to Captain America. Rachel Weisz also stars as another Black Widow spy named Melina who may end up being more enemy than friend.

    Black Widow will hit theaters on May 1, 2020.

  • Celebrity Trainer Massy Arias’ Total-Body Workout Routine Explained
    This insta-famous fitness guru breaks down her own inspirational transformation.

    Massy Arias went from not being able to lift five-pound dumbbells for three reps to becoming an Instagram-famous fitness guru.

    These days, the certified personal trainer rocks a sculpted six-pack, has her own fitness app, and is the CEO of her own supplement line.

    Utilize her routine to progress your own body transformation.




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  • The Lower-Body HIIT and Lifting Circuit
    Master1305 / Shutterstock

    I see so many people overtrain and crash diet for quick results, then quit if and when it gets too hard. I want you to be strong enough for everything else in life, whether it's hopping on a wakeboard or riding a quad. So when putting these workouts together, I really wanted to get back to basics

    Based off my popular LIIFT4 program on Beachbody OnDemand, this efficient and effective lower-body circuit workout combines old-school lifting 101 with the science of high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

    A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning found that active people who performed a HIIT workout compared with just cardio or just weights burned significantly more calories. Remember, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Consistency will get you to your goals.

    Joel Freeman is a Beachbody Super Trainer and creator of LIIFT4, an eight-week weights-and-HIIT program. Check it out on beachbodybuilding.com.


  • 4 Ways to Get and Stay Fit for the Holidays
  • The Arnold Strongman USA Is Coming Back to Santa Monica Pier
    Arnold Strongman Show is Coming Back to Santa Monica Pier
    ALI HAIDER/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

    The world’s strongest men will be lifting sandbags, barbells, and money for a good cause at the Arnold Strongman USA competition on Jan. 18, 2020.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger announced on Instagram that he’s bringing his Strongman competition series to the Santa Monica Pier next month for the second year in a row. Rising star Martins Licis won the inaugural event earlier this year.

    The winner will earn a spot at the 2020 Arnold Pro Strongman Classic at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio next March.

     “I’m very excited,” Arnold says in the video, which you can see here.

    View this post on Instagram

    The Arnold Strongman USA competition is back on the Santa Monica Pier January 18, 2020. You can get your tickets at the link in my bio. The best part about this competition is that a portion of the proceeds will be going to support the Ventura County Fire Widows & Orphans Fund, the Santa Monica Firefighters Relief Fund, and the CalFire Benevolent Foundation. Our California firefighters are the bravest and best in the world and they deserve to be recognized for the hard work they do each and every day to keep us safe. That is why we have put together the World’s Strongest Firefighter Competition, so firefighters from all over the world can go head to head with the audience they deserve. Reserve your spot at the link in my bio.

    A post shared by Arnold Schwarzenegger (@schwarzenegger) on

    Thirteen competitors have been announced for the event, though a notable omission is four-time World’s Strongest Man Brian Shaw. Hafthor “The Mountain” Bjornsson will appear at the show as a special guest, but will not compete (he earned qualification for the 2020 Arnold Sports Festival by winning the 2019 competition).

    It’s guaranteed to be a great show, with five feats of strength announced: a log clean & press for reps (380 pounds); a 400-pound Farmer’s walk; a sandbag throw over a 15-foot bar; deadlift for reps (775 pounds); and a Strongman sandbag load.

    It won’t just be Licis and other strongmen competing at the show, though, as Arnold also announced there will be a World’s Strongest Firefighter Competition there as well.  A portion of the competition’s revenue will also support the Ventura County Fire Widows & Orphans Fund, the Santa Monica Firefighters Relief Fund, and the CalFire Benevolent Foundation.

    California, the state Arnold previously led as governor, has been ravaged by wildfires in recent years and firefighters have struggled to contain many of them. The Strongman show is not only a great way to entertain the masses, but also support our first responders.

    To purchase tickets or find out more about the show, click here.

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  • The Full-Body Holiday Workout Program
    Skull Crusher
    James Michelfelder and Therese Sommerseth

    Even the most hardcore lifters can fall victim to the time-sucking demands of the holiday season—parties, family functions, and travel—but that doesn’t mean your physique has to suffer. Instead of cranking out six hard workouts per week, allow yourself some seasonal leeway by cutting it to four. By implementing a program with a strong focus on compound movements you’ll make up for the lost days, and that’s what this month’s program is about: gaining muscle when time allows without missing out on the things that really matter.


    You’ll train four days per week, but your two toughest, longest workouts will be on the days you can fit them in. Your hardest training should come when you’re rested, ready, and have the most free time around your busy holiday schedule. The quicker, lighter routines will easily fit into a busy day. You can do cardio on your more free days, or simply take time off if time is tight. To customize the program even further, we’ve included alternate exercises to choose from depending on how you feel. Get ready to make gains at the speed of Santa’s sleigh.


    The following are sample workouts. You can substitute a different move for any exercise with an asterisk (*) next to it. See the lists of exercise options below.




    • Sumo-stance Leg Press
    • Glute-ham Raise
    • Cable Pull-through
    • Suspended Leg Curl


    • Lat Pulldown 
    • Chinup
    • Pullup
    • Shrug



    • Weighted Situp
    • Side Bend (weighted exercise)
    • Cable Ab Pulldown (weighted exercise)
    • Plank
    • Side Plank
    • Ab Wheel Rollout
  • The Upper-Body Burnout Lifting and HIIT Circuit
    The Upper-Body Burnout Lifting and HIIT Circuit
    Per Bernal

    Based off my popular LIIFT4 program on Beachbody OnDemand, this efficient and effective upper-body circuit workout combines old-school lifting 101 with the science of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning found that active people who performed a HIIT workout compared with just cardio or just weights burned significantly more calories. Remember, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Consistency will get you to your goals.

    For each block (exercises marked A and B) in the following upper-body workout, complete 10 reps for each move back-to-back, rest 30 seconds, and repeat 2 more times before moving on to the next block.

  • Bounty Tank Recalls His Most Violent and Bizarre Fugitive Cases
    This powerhouse bodybuilder opens up about his dangerous line of work.

    Bounty Tank is built like a powerhouse bodybuilder, but yet that still doesn’t stop criminal defendants from attempting to fight him, and sometimes shooting at him. He shares how he stays in shape for his line of work.


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  • Brooke Ence on Training, Acting, and Injuries
    This CrissFit star found the silver lining to her life changing injury

    Brooke Ence’s spinal fusion surgery in 2017 turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it’s afforded the CrossFit athlete and actress the time to focus on acting, her supplement line, online training company, and more.


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  • 6 Big Benching Tips From a World Record Holder
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