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steak your claim

Even raw, its hard to look at a big steak without wanting to bite right into it. Some primal instinct is heightened, and the caveman in all of us gets hungry. Numerous studies, though, have linked red meat— unfairly, in our estimation—to every- thing from heart disease to prostate cancer.

The problem? Most of this research uses data from the sedentary general population to create dietary guidelines for the rest of us, including serious athletes and body- builders. The most salient point, however, remains: Lean or even slightly fatty red meat is a key component of a muscle-building diet.


1] One eight-ounce strip steak packs 52 grams of protein to just 6 grams of fat. That’s a fantastic ratio, and the whole thing packs just 265 calories.

2] Red meat contains 15 mg of niacin per half pound. Also known as vitamin B3, niacin has been shown to heighten vasos, dilation, or the expansion of blood vessels, and increase HDL or “good” cholesterol.

4] Beef is an excellent source of:

Zinc, which increases sperm count and is crucial to prostate health

Iron, a key component of oxygen delivery within your cells

Selenium, which can give your immune system a boost against illnesses


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