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is face-stamping the new thing in sports?

Professional basketball and soccer players might want to invest in helmets or facemasks, as no part of the anatomy is safe anymore!

Check out this clip from the NBA game between the Houston and Minnesota, which landed Kevin Love of the Timberwolves in a spot of bother. Was Luis Scolas face in the wrong place or did Love leave his calling card on the Argentines mug? You decide! The NBA handed Love a two-game suspension for his troubles.

If you think this kind of accident is only confined to basketball, think again. Check out this clip from the English Premier League from a game between Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur on January 22. City striker Mario Balotelli seems to walk all over Scott Parkers face. The English FA thought so too and banned the player for four games. The moral of the story: Dont stamp unless you want to sit out!


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