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jay cutler shares one of his favorite moves for an olympia-level chest

Four-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler may not hit the stage to show off his physique these days, but the 45-year-old bodybuilding legend doesnt look too far off from competition shape. Thats a guy you want to take training advice from, and fortunately, hes more than happy to share it.

In an Instagram video he posted on Monday, aka the unofficial International Chest Day, Cutler demonstrated his favorite piece of Hammer Strength equipment: the flat press. Check it out in the video below: 




It’s international CHEST day so I figured I’d share one of my favorite movements over the years!!

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In the video, he says that hes getting a chest workout in after finishing up at the San Jose Fit Expo, which took place over the weekend.

"I used to train here years ago, when I was getting ready for the Mr. Olympia contest when I was winning," Cutler explained. He took to Instagram to show fans the seemingly rare flat press machine, which he says none of his local gyms in Las Vegas have. Unsurprisingly, Golds Gym in Venice Beach also has one, according to Cutler.

"I had to do this on my chest day—which is on a Saturday, by the way," Cutler said before he knocked out some reps on the machine.

Cutler had a solid run on the bodybuilding stage, taking down the legendary Ronnie Coleman at the 2006 Olympia and winning three more Sandows in 2007, 2009, and 2010. In the past, Cutler has said that his chest was his toughest muscle to grow. If thats really the case, were all ears when hes dishing out chest-training tips.

Follow Cutler on Instagram at @jaycutler.




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