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Rest Day


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CrossFit Level 1 Certificate Courses: CrossFit Reebok Loreto, CrossFit STHLM, CrossFit Morristown, CrossFit Oahu, CrossFit 714, CrossFit King of Prussia.
CrossFit Coachs Prep Courses: CrossFit Effects, Trident CrossFit VA.

"Franks Strength: Part 2" with Ben Franks and Owen Franks, CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

Announcing the 2012 CrossFit Tour - video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov]

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Flute Concerto No. 2 Mvmt 1, Mvmt 2, Mvmt 3.

Robert Louis Stevenson - Winter-Time.

Watch "The Talent Code" Nightline review.

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