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lou ferrigno really wants you to get off your damn phone at the gym

Lou Ferrigno reached bodybuilding legend status in his prime, going toe-to-toe with Arnold Schwarzenegger himself on the Olympia stage and playing the Incredible Hulk in the days before CGI was around to turn a man into a jade-jawed monster. It goes without saying that Ferrigno has always taken his workouts seriously, and at 67 years old, he still hits the gym hard to stay in killer shape.

Given his wealth of knowledge when it comes to building and maintaining muscle, its no surprise that Ferrigno shares training tips and videos on Instagram from time to time. But he took to the platform on Wednesday to draw attention to a gym pet peeve of his: mid-workout phone users who take up unnecessary space in the gym.

Lets be honest: You either hate it when people pull this all-too-common move, or you are the person whos so absorbed in your phone that you tell a legendary bodybuilder to wait a few minutes while you scroll through your social feeds and text your mom. If youre the latter, Ferrigno has exactly no time for your bullshit.

At the end of the video, he shares his tips for lifters who are tired of having their workouts interrupted by slackers. If you can do it without being rude, Ferrigno suggests telling the person that if theyre not here to train, they shouldnt bother spending time at the gym. If social interaction in the middle of a workout isnt your thing, Ferrignos advice is to move on with a different exercise and address the problem later.

"Dont let them discourage you," he said. "Find another machine, and complain to the manager."

Whether or not you address the problem with Ferrignos suggested approaches, one things for sure: You dont want to be that guy at the gym, and you dont want to piss off the Incredible Hulk.




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