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build a bikini butt with 6 simple moves

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Building a bikini butt requires a training workout focused on hypertrophy so you can stimulate muscle growth. In addition to that, the workout should specifically target the posterior chain with exercises that maximize usage of these muscle groups. This hypertrophy based glute workout combines rep schemes that stimulate the most amount of muscle growth with some of the most effective exercises to target your glutes. By performing this workout 3x a week, you can see great results in as little as six weeks.

First let’s delve into the workout: The reps used in the workout range from lower reps for compound exercises where you’re expected to use heavier weights to higher reps where you’re expected to use lighter loads. By combining these two rep ranges you’re able to produce hypertrophy through two means 1) Progressive overload: progressive levels of tension over time causes muscle fiber growth. Each week you’ll try to add weight to the 6 rep exercises to induce progressive overload. 2) Cellular fatigue: muscle growth can also occur from cellular fatigue where metabolic products released into our bloodstream during exercise stimulate hypertrophy. The best way to illicit this effect is through high rep exercises which is the rep range for the other exercises in the workout.

How it Works

The exercises chosen for this workout are the most effective exercises around for developing the glutes because they directly target posterior chain muscles, are compound movements that enable us to use heavier loads to follow the principle of progressive overload, or they’re movements that we can do for high reps to achieve cellular fatigue.


Perform this workout 3x a week for a duration of 6 weeks. Try increasing the weight for the 6 rep exercises each week.



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