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high school powerlifter crushes 830-pound squat for a state record

Dajour Jupiter may only be a senior in high school, but he undoubtedly possesses strength that most grown men would envy. Jupiter is an absolute powerhouse, and a product of the Ocean Springs powerlifting program in Mississippi. Jupiter crushed an 830-pound squat on Saturday, breaking the previous boys Mississippi state record of 825 pounds.



Dajour Jupiter just broke the Mississippi State record with a 830 pound squat and made it look EASY. (via @dajour2345)

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This wrecking ball of a performance came at the MHSAA Powerlifting state championships. He finished first in the super heavyweight class with a 310-pound bench press, a 545-pound deadlift, plus his record-breaking squat, according to the Ocean Springs Powerlifting Twitter account. He lifted 1,685 pounds total, and we dont have to tell you thats a lot of weight for a high school senior to be moving.

A local reporter was also on the scene, and he took to Twitter to confirm the specifics of the record.

In addition to dominating weightlifting, Jupiter is a tackle for his high school football team, and were sure the devastation that he could inflict onto the opposing defensive line is no joke. Although football has a lot to do with leverage, his brute strength is for sure an asset on the field.

Jupiter is still young, and it would be wise to keep an eye on his career moving forward.




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