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julianne hough on playing the indomitable betty weider

Julianne Hough talks about taking on the challenge of playing the wife and savvy business partner of the father of bodybuilding, Joe Weider.

It takes a lot to fill Betty Weiders shoes, and bathing suit (the 50s pin-up had an eye-popping 18-inch waist). But Dancing with the Stars alum and bona fide triple threat Julianne Hough stepped up to the challenge. She talks about taking on the honor of playing the indomitable fitness icon and wife/business partner of bodybuilding magnate Joe Weider (played by Tyler Hoechlin) in Bigger, as well as her training regimen to replicate Bettys impossibly hourglass figure. 

Watch Hough as the legendary Betty Weider in Bigger, in theaters this week. 

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