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blow up your forearms in four weeks

Sure, every guy wants to get a sculpted six-pack for the summertime. But when winter comes and all those long-sleeved shirts come out, all that hard work goes undercover. Fortunately, you can always roll up your sleeves—and that means showing off your sculpted forearms. Theyre one of the few muscle groups that get attention year-round, and since they’re all anybody will be able to see for the fall and winter seasons (without getting to know you better first), it makes sense to invest in them.

The following routine might seem a little unconventional while youre doing it, but itll deliver thicker forearms in a month’s time.

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You already know wrist curls, so while we do employ them, we’ve got different and better exercises for blowing up your forearms. The farmer’s walk is a great overall strength builder that will work your grip and forearms with heavy weights. And we got very creative with the towel wring-out. Repetitive squeezing, twisting, and gripping are a part of most labor jobs, and it accounts for the impressive forearms you often see on working men. We applied the same principle to wringing the water out of a wet towel to make your arms develop likewise.

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Pair each workout with one of your normal training sessions and perform it at the end. Complete all exercises as straight sets—finish the prescribed sets for one move before going on to the next. Use this routine for 4 weeks to see impressive results. 


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