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fitness model shares amazing pregnancy pics


Fitness model and former Miss Universe contestant Chontel Duncan is going viral, or rather, her unborn child is. It all started when she was photographed standing next to friend Natalie Smith—both women were well into their second trimester of pregnancy. The photo, which was taken in November 2015, shows the contrast between the women’s height and size difference while also pointing out that Smith is only four weeks ahead of Duncan. 

Duncan shared the photo on Instagram to highlight how.

“Each woman carries different and this most certainly doesnt mean one is doing something wrong or not healthy etc.

She goes on to say, that healthy pregnancies come in all shapes and sizes. Although Duncan has been praised for staying in shape throughout her pregnancy, she has also received criticism for continuing a high-intensity workout regimen.

"Once it became clear to me (through my social media posts) how foreign it was to see a pregnancy performed like mine, it did get me thinking, Maybe I should continue to document my pregnancy because it seems that we are misled to believe that we are more fragile than we really are," Duncan told Today Parents.

BUMP UPDATE 37 weeks.... Only 21 days to go Well well Little D you have caused quiet a commotion, you are most certainly making your entrance into this world noticeable. But seriously "what a week" did not expect that, can not believe how many people are apparently doctors, how easily people can slam a pregnant women, but more importantly how INCREDIBLE absolute strangers are. I dont think there are any words that could describe just how humbled I am to see absolute strangers support my lifestyle, pregnancy, my unborn child & give me the respect I think I deserve for putting in the effort to maintain my habits whilst pregnant. For a women to consider falling pregnant is a HUGE decision its a permanent decision, not just the physical demands, the risk, but youre preparing to sacrifice your very being to be this little persons everything for as long as you live. Then theres conceiving, you couldnt feel more pressure if you tried, its extremely difficult for so many women, I am extremely grateful I fell first go, but I am close to so many whom have struggled greatly. Now youre pregnant the physical changes, the tests & the realisation that its happening is prominent. What if youre told at 12 weeks your child is at great risk or what if you miscarry its emotionally hectic!!!! You get through all that & you know that from here on out what you feel emotionally the baby will feel, you know what you eat the baby will eat & you know that your physical health will impact the babies as he/she develops within. You make everyday the best so at the end of the journey you can hold your head high I know that you brought this little person up the best possible way you could... You realise that school did NOT set you up to understand child birth or how to prepare for a child, so you walk into this overwhelming world of preparing for parenthood. So much to learn... BUT wait then theres critics, well in my case a lot of them. They pick and pull you apart, I had ppl at the beginning excited to see me blow out, see me quit at my career because apparently its not possible to do both... TO CONTINUE READING HIT THE LINK IN MY BIO (Wearing @aimn.oceania)

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Just a little Snap chat vid from tonight chontelduncan

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BUMP UPDATE (5kg) "28 weeks --- 12 weeks to go" Let me firstly start by saying Im absolutely LOVING this pregnancy My nutrition over Christmas & in Fifji really slacked off and BOY did I feel it, did Little D feel it & my training feel it Food is SO important to me, I need variety, it to be fresh, full of flavour, colourful & it needs to fuel my crazy lifestyle of 16-18 hour days & training 6-7 classes a week. Since jumping back into healthier meals, healthier snacks & more water, I am feeling much better. But most importantly I am fuelling Little D correctly and nothing feels better then knowing that. I have my glucose testing today so I fasted last night for 10hours Why is it when you know you cant eat that you want to eat even more? Lol the test takes 2hrs & then i am off to get my whooping cough injection. Apparently having it at 28 weeks provides a little bit of coverage for baby. BONUS! My husband had swollen feet an ankles earlier in the week lol I swear hes taking one for the team with having all of my pregnancy symptoms So far I have continued to keep working, I know it might not sound like much but my hrs are 4:30am-8pm Mon-Fri & 5hrs on a Sat & I have continued to keep up my training. I know its bound to get more difficult & my body will slow down... Im just wondering when this will all kick in? We bought a puppy PJ & have been in a strict routine to have him ready for Little Ds arrival. When he bites we yell "no" or "ouch" pretty loud so he gets shocked then cease playing immediately. No rough play using our hands, feet or heads, we only use a toy for rough play. Its just because I have to be able to trust that he can be around my baby if say my baby is laying on the floor etc... Its tricky because we are also getting him use to being at our gym with large crowds so Im doing my best to monitor his behaviour with everyone. I did my first SHOPPING for Little D had my first overwhelming moment too... Walked into baby bunting and the place was HUGE, had soooo much stuff in there which I had very little to no idea about. I even said to my husband "why did we fall pregnant if we cant even do the shopping?" CLICK MY LINK

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