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Ryan Terry

After a top four finish at the 2015 Mr. Olympia Men’s Physique Showdown, IFBB physique pro Ryan Terry is training to get bigger and leaner than ever. Terry is in the business of fitness, and his stock is soaring fast. In 2016, the aesthetic Briton—and owner of RT Pro Wear—hopes to get invited to the Arnold Classic Men’s Physique, defend his Pittsburgh Pro title, and compete at the New York Pro. For Terry, intense training is a habit.

“I’ve had a passion for training since I was 14,” Terry says. “When I was younger, I did gymnastics, swimming, and soccer. I had a good response when I did more weight training.”

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In the past five years, Terry has put on about 26 pounds, and his off-season training is still geared toward size. “I do two weeks of heavy weight, low reps with long rest periods; then two weeks of slightly more reps, less rest, plus dropsets/supersets; one week of 15 to 18 reps with no rest; then I start back at Week 1,” Terry says. “You’re trying to shock the body every week.”

To stay lean the former plumber by trade does steady-state fasted cardio in the morning six times a week. “Staying lean year-round is a necessity,” Terry says. “You get about a week’s notice for photo shoots, and that’s my main source of income. I’m never more than about nine to 10 pounds off my stage weight.”


Follow these pro tips to carve a ripped core like the one that Terry is famous for.

  1. RAISE YOUR LEGS: I start my abs workouts with the hanging leg raise, which helps achieve the “V.” It’s my favorite ab exercise.
  2. DON’T GO HEAVY: Don’t use heavy weight with oblique moves; you’ll thicken the waist. Use high reps and light weight.
  3. SHAKE THINGS UP: Vary your workouts so you hit upper, lower, obliques, transverse abdominis, and the entire core.



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