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jacked power ranger moonwalks after 675-pound deadlift


If you grew up in the 90s, and you dont know who Zack, Trini, Jason, Tommy, Kimberly and Billy are, you really missed out. Were not saying The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was the most action-packed, fitness-inspiring martial arts show of the era, but were not NOT saying that.

Earlier this week, YouTuber Silent Mike dressed up as the original "Red Ranger" from the franchise and started lifting. Was he looking for some extra leg day inspiration? Is his goal to become a might morphin mass-gaining beast? We dont know. What we do know is that he nailed this 675-pound deadlift like the world depended on it. Who needs a "Megazord" when you can summon up this kind of lower-body strength.

Hats off for the Billy Jean dance celebration. Moral of the story: Growing up is overrated. On that note, lets all take a moment to appreciate the ass-kicking "teenagers with attitude."


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