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3 quick fat-burning workouts

For when youre short on time, quick workouts have been touted to get the job done. They are advertised as a quick way to burn calories and blast fat in little as three minutes, but can super short workout really be effective if your goal is to transform your body? The answer: yes and no. 

Pros And Cons

Joe Lazo, personal trainer and star of the upcoming Bravo series Work Out New York says, "No one youve ever seen in a fitness magazine got their body doing three-minute workouts." He points out that its not even possible to warm-up the body effectively within that time frame. And Rob Fletcher, fitness expert and founder of ANGTs Americas Next Great Trainer agrees. Fletcher says that short workouts can increase your chances of an injury because muscles are not properly prepared for exericses that are often performed at a faster, more intense rate. But, short workouts do have a place in a thought-out workout schedule. 

Fletcher points out that advanced lifters can use short workouts to their advantage, "Short high-intensity sessions are quick and effective, they supercharge your metbolism and burn more calories in a short period of time." He recommends using these workouts as a "finisher" to your already existing workout routine or as a quick-independent workout.

Core Crusher Workout

As an independent workout do 3-5 sets of each exercise with 1-2 minute rest between intervals. For a finisher, begin with one set of 12-24 reps of each exercise completed after your workout. 

Fat Burner Workout

Do this short explosive workout on days when you have limited time and no exercise equipment to work with. Youll do ten reps of each exercise, moving quickly from one exercise to the next. Complete as many rounds as possible. Because youre moving continuously and using large muscles in the upper and lower body, youll gain max benefits in less time. 

Leg Crank Workout

Do the workout with bodyweight only or as a progression by adding mediicne ball or kettle bell. Follow the same progression as outlined for the Core Crusher. 

Remember: You cant rely solely on three-minute workouts to get a brag-worthy body, but with these tips you can use them to boost your regular routine. 


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