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no-equipment scorpion core circuit


What It Is

A brief but intense metabolic core and lower-body circuit designed by L.A.-based trainer Andy McDermott. You perform three to five rounds of the following four exercises: planks, scorpions, walking lunges and exaggerated jumping jacks (which mimic a “snow angel” motion). Its brevity, McDermott explains, is no reason to dismiss it. “Even 5 or 10 minutes of exercise is immeasurably better than none.”

Why It Works

“This is a fantastic workout to get your core and big lower-body muscles activated and to fire up your metabolism,” McDermott says. “Many people think about training their abs but neglect taking care of their lower back, obliques and hips. The core and lower-body muscles work together, so they should be trained together.” What’s more, since this workout requires no equipment and takes only 5 minutes, it can be done anywhere.


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