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15-minute workout: row for strength

seated cable row

The Workout

On your favorite rowing machine (concept two rower, water rower, etc.) row as far a distance as you can in five minutes before resting for two minutes. Then row as far a distance as you can in four minutes before resting for one minute. The final set, row as far as you can in three minutes. That’s exactly a 15-minute total body blasting workout.

Workout Tips

>>Use every inch of length in your legs and arms with each stroke. Short abbreviated strokes are much more inefficient so take advantage of the length that you have.

>>Once you complete each stroke get your hands as quickly as possible back over your knees to the start position.

>>Make sure you can see a clock, have a watch or your phone’s stopwatch handy to time your rest intervals.

The 15 Payoff

Not having a lot of time to work out is not the biggest problem in the world as long as you maximize your effort. Being efficient and using many muscle groups can help you to burn fat and retain lean muscle mass. If these are your goals then you should definitely try this short, yet intense workout. The rower is an amazing piece of equipment when time is a factor.


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