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high volume diesel squat workout for maximum muscle

Count by 5’s, Build Your Thighs

The High Volume Diesel Squat workout is inspired by John Meadows and his Mountain Dog training protocol. The workout literally flips the routine on its end. Where most workouts perform the heavy, max effort, high CNS-intensive work first, this new training methodology puts those exercises last. The reason behind this revolutionary new look at training will have you performing the accessory work (the exercises that build the primary lift) first in the workout to allow you to warm-up your joints BEFORE the heavy barbell training. This will get the primary muscle groups fired up and pre-fatigued (Weider principle creating massive metabolic stress to the working muscle groups - essential for muscle hypertrophy), and help make every set of the main lift (in this workout we use barbell squats) as effective as humanly possible.

Coaching Notes: For the barbell squat, progressively ramp up the weight for each set where the last 3-4 sets are an all-out effort.


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