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fit in 15: quick arm pump

dumbbell curl

Grab a pair of dumbbells that you are used to doing for about 12 to 15 reps for biceps curls and toss them down by the dip station. (Figure conservative guys). Now, get on the dip bars and using a four seconds down and as quick up as possible tempo (40X0) perform 10 dips. This will take you 50 seconds - less time if you dont adhere to the tempo assigned.

At the start of the next minute (thats right only 10 seconds rest) pick up the dumbbells and using the same tempo perform a strict biceps curl focusing on twisting the dumbbells as hard as you can through the range of motion after starting them in a neutral position at your side.

Make sure to curl them at the same time. You should be ending this set with 10 seconds to spare until the top of the next minute. Simply start the next minute over from the top and repeat until 15 minutes is up.

Workout Tips

>> The slow eccentrics greatly increase the time your muscles are under tension and can seriously help you grow. Especially if you are not used to training this way.

>> Twisting the forearm/hand (supination) is one of the main functions of the biceps that people tend to forget. Use the dumbbells instead of the EZ-Curl bar or barbell and focus on twisting and squeezing as hard as you can through your pinky to really hit that bicep.

>> Go all the way down on your dips. Yes, I mean until your bicep touches your forearm.

The 15 Pay Off

The arms are smaller muscles and need less time to recover and most of you guys dink around on your phones between sets anyway wasting valuable time. Turn your ringer off. Turn your countdown timer on and grow some bigger arms.


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