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hyper growth training plan

Get bigger and stronger in four weeks with this intense hyper growth workout routine.


By following our 28-day plan, combined with using Bio-Gro™ Bio-Active Peptides before and after each workout, you can improve your bench press by 25 or more pounds and your squat by 50 pounds. The trick: You follow this training program rigorously for the entire number of workouts prescribed. The upside: You gain more new strength than you ever imagined, along with harder, more dense muscle. The downside: Well, we don’t see any.

The Schedule








Big Chest Push Routine


Punishing Pull Routine


Monster Squat Routine


Ab-Busting Routine


Bench Assistor Routine


Squat Assistor Routine


Ab-Busting Routine


Note: The final rep of each set should be a struggle to complete and even require a spot. If the final rep is easy, increase the weight on the subsequent set, but do NOT do more reps per set than what is suggested in the Bio-Gro Plan. For exercises 1 through 4, take a full 3-minute rest between sets. For all other exercises, rest 90 to 120 seconds. For exercise 3 in Workouts 1 and 3, you should increase the weight from exercise 2 and then for exercise 4, decrease the weight back down to the weight used in exercise 2.

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