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uniform strength: security force workout

Get in tip-top shape with these workout routines from three members of our uniformed security forces.


Those charged with the safety of our homes, borders and freedoms don’t have the luxury of taking anything lightly. Now, more than ever, the gravity of the task demands discipline, dedication and, above all, vigilance. Both nationwide and overseas, the world has become a more dangerous place. And as the race goes to the swift and the battle to the strong, it makes sense that the men and women who take up arms for our protection increasingly look the part.

If you think keeping to your routine is challenging, try sneaking in workouts at makeshift gyms with handmade equipment in the middle of the desert. Think your muscles get sore? What if you had to work 10-–12-hour shifts from the cramped front seat of a squad car after doing 11 sets of squats? Think its tough getting back in shape after a layoff? Think you could do it if you had a contest six months after getting home from a three-month deployment to the Middle East?

These three homeland defenders have gone well beyond their calls of duty, both in service to their countrymen and in the gym. Their dedication to fitness may not be as great as their allegiance to the flag - country will always come before concentration curls -— but they symbolize the hundreds of thousands of servicemen and -women throughout the world who help protect us. Call us selfish, but when it comes to Americas security, we’re proud, thankful and extremely fortunate to have guys like these on the front lines. To all our forces at home and abroad, we salute you.


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