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olympic cyclists andre greipel and robert forstermann showoff some monster thighs

Thighs this size are usually reserved for veteran bodybuilders, not Olympic cyclists. But thats exactly who these tree trunks belong to. When it comes to maxing out their quads the sky is the limit as far as German cyclists Robert Forstermann (pictured on the right) and André Greipel would have it.

Cyclist Greg Henderson thought a quad-off among the two Germans would draw some interest, and posted this picture across social media to spread the word. Apparently he was right as the image was retweeted more than 1,300 times.

In the battle of bulging pins, Forstermann clearly holds the edge, and won the leg-to-leg contest. If Olympic medals were given out for thigh size, the gold would be a lock for this guy. So massive are Forstermanns thighs, one person noted they look like pythons slowly digesting a pig. How he developed such herculean leg muscle is another story - one wed like to learn more about.

As for their prowess on the pavement, Greipel competed in Saturdays Olympic road race, finishing 26 places behind the winner Alexandr Vinoukourov, while Forstermann is scheduled to put his mammoth quads to the test in an upcoming race on August 12.


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